Assassin Creed origins
An expansive RPG-style dive into ancient Egypt, with tense combat and tons of variety.
Tom clansy's the division
Strong firefights lost in the open-world static.
THE last of us 2
"Lot of awesome positions open to help us close out this game."
watch dogs 2
"Lot of awesome positions open to help us close out this game."
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F R O M P A L E - G - P U B G

I am not a gamer I am a Player

Player Get Chicks I get Achievements


Kratos makes an epic comeback as The Nine Realms’ greatest dad.

RED Dead Redemption 2

A meticulously polished open-world ode to the outlaw era.

Horizon Zero Dawn

A beautiful open world peppered with mechanical monsters that make for exhilarating fights.

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

A remarkable achievement in blockbuster storytelling and graphical beauty, only let down by an overly long third act.

Players Unknown's Battle Ground

A shooter that’s as invested in creating a smart, nuanced survival experience as it is fun, action-packed combat.

ACE COMBAT Skies Unknown

The first Ace Combat in five years is vague and confusing but looks great doing it.

Enjoy the food and Play the Games

Happy GAMING Hours

Everyday is a gaming Day

All PLaying Games

I Don’t Need To “Get a Life”

I am a Gamer I have lots of Lives

“Our Creed does not command us to be free. It commands us to be wise.”


"Hope is what make us strong it is why we are here. It is what we fight with when all else is lost"


“ We can't change what's done, we can only move on. „

Abigail Roberts

"I am a Man of Fortune and Must seek My Fortune"

Nathan Drake

Let's PLAY.

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